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Early morning at NJ

Early morning at NJ

A beautiful flow of silence reverberating the essence of musical notes deep inside my being. What an experience ?? Is this the true Nada what the great saints of yore have mentioned about ??

The sounds that come out are random but are in alignment of the soundscape as a whole. They don’t subscribe to any raga or tala, just the flow of this beautiful musical rumbling. It is a Kalyani, a Kambodi, a Varali, a Sri, or a malkhauns, it is all that yet something much much more.

Tears of joy swell, as I dive deeper in to this sound scape.. is this the truth. realised souls of yore have said ” Ulagam Nada Mayam.”

“Universe is an embodiment of Sound”.. is it this !!

A sound that brings a connect to my being and I resonate like a speaker does, when it reflects sounds that pass through it..

What an experience ???

May be that is why the art of practising music is famously celebrated as Nadopasana. The joy of being the part of the universal experience.

This silence is very very infective !! Thank you for the experience. Swara Raga Laya Sudha..

The rumble is settling down as a constant. The kaleidoscope of the sound reveals the universe and multiverse of the phenomenon. It is non divisible in that form and hence is pure in nature. It is so subtle and is felt in every thought that is manifested. First time, the realisation sets in, ” thoughts can be sightless. ”

This is a strange experience,That a thought can be soundfull and sightless is a very new feeling and it is very deep and profound.

The very core of this phenomenon is the feeling of being alive and aware.

Though this is a very unique experience, to be in that state constantly is very momentary.. it is on and off like the Bangalore electricity supply. But as long as i am in the connection the feeling is beyond !!!!

This sample is enough for me to want more and more and I am slowly able to scratch the outer most layer of the meanings of the compositions on NADA (Musical sound) of all the great poets and composers celebrating Nada as the nearest form of existence to divinity.

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