September 24, 2023
Nadapatashala - Session 3
Time: 7:00pm IST - 8:30pm IST
Venue: Online Zoom Session

NADAPATASHALA – Session 3 – for Advanced Students.
Topic: “DHRUVA COMPOSITION” – ‘Tishra Jaathi – Naatai’

It is an Online Masterclass for advanced Vidyārthis (students) of Carnatic music (Instrumental) – happening on 24th September 2023 | 7pm to 8:30pm IST

a) Vidyārthis must have learnt a Carnatic Music Instrument for at-least 5 years.
b) They should have learnt at-least 6 Varnams and 12 Krithis.
c) They should be comfortable playing raagas like – Naatai, Kambodi, Purvi Kalyani, Shankarabharanam and Bhairavi.

NOTE: Any advanced level Vidyarthis learning Carnatic music instrument – MELODIC ( like Veena, Flute, Violin, Nadaswaram etc. ) can enroll for this session.