In the early periods of living, all beings were embodiments of the divine and everything was still and constant. There was no communication between beings and every being felt their existence as part of the supreme. There was completeness and heartfulness. Then as days and years passed the stillness slowly receded and movements happened. As movement happened heartfulness and mindlessness gave way to mindfulness and heartlessness.

When the mind took over, communication between beings happened. Once that happened soundfullness gave way for sightfullness. Once the mind took over the connection with the supreme slowly diminished and slowly the beings started feeling themselves as separate entities. Separated by Colour, Region, Religion, Race etc etc. We have successfully managed to become limited from being “limitless.”

Music is limitless as the sky. It transcends region, religion, race, gender, boundaries, etc etc etc.

It is one unifying phenomenon and let us strive to keep it that way.