The constant throbbing of the rumbling sound in a multilayered state of expression is a source of great intrigue and curiosity.

As I go deeper and deeper in to this abyss, all unnatural sounds gives way to the most organic and natural sound. That is still almost like a whisper and I can only feel it rather than hear it at all. The closest explanation could be that,it is like searching for light in pitch darkness. In the dark, once your eye gets adjusted you are able to see but still the clarity of detail is never the same as it is when there is light, like wise the feel of this sound is very elusive. It is audible but yet not there. But as I said earlier when the connect happens the experience is unlimited.

Is this what Rishis of yore heard as a constant thought and said Ulagam Nadamayam.

If this is the unlimited and original source of all sounds that we hear, then the concept that sound is the one that pervades in a space that is beyond light makes lot of sense.

As it is said in scriptures, Mantra (sound)comes first, then Yantra (the visual form of the same) and then Tantra, (the technique or the technology). Thyagaraja swami in his celebrated composition Nadopasana – Begada describes this in the Charanam – Mantratmulu yantra tantratmulu.

Like wise Shri. Gopalakrishnan Bharathi also in his celebrated song Aiyen Metha Kadinam says

Mandirathiley Potu, Yandirathiley Paarkum, Thantirathileyum illai..

So, it is evident that Sound is the primordial source of all beings..