Nadapatashala – Dhruva Composition

'Tishra Jaathi - Naatai'


Nadapatashala – Dhruva Composition – Tishra Jaathi – Naatai on Sep 24th,2023 @7:00pm IST. This session is for Advanced level learners of Violin. Click the course card to learn more.





Nadapatashala – Session 3

Dhruva Composition – ‘Tishra Jaathi – Naatai’


Its an online masterclass for advanced vidyaarthis (students) of  Carnatic musical instruments on  24th September ,2023 from 7:00pm- 8:30pm IST.



  • Vidyarthis must have learnt Carnatic music instrument for at least 5+ years
  • They should know a minimum of 5 or more Varnams and 10-12 Krithis.
  • They should be comfortable playing raagas like – Naatai, Kambodi, Purvi Kalyani, Shankarabharanam, Bhairavi

NOTE: Any advanced level Vidyarthis learning Carnatic music instrument – MELODIC ( like Veena, Flute, Violin, Nadaswaram etc. ) can enroll for this session.


Please refer the ” FAQ” section for detailed information for enrolment.


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What are the musical aspect requirements?
  • Vidyarthis should be comfortable playing raagas like  – Naatai, Kambodi, Purvi Kalyani, Shankarabharanam, Bhairavi
  • Learners should tune their instruments to pitch “E” before the live class session begins.
  • Preparatory musical exercises will be provided few days before the session. Notations will also be provided after the session.
Can a complete beginner attend this class? What is the prerequisite for enrolling in Nadapatashala - Dhruva?
What platform will the class be conducted on? What are the technology requirements?

Class will be over a Zoom meeting session. Good internet connection and any device that supports Zoom should be sufficient.

Are recordings available to view later?

Yes, the session will be recorded and the video uploaded to the course page. You are given lifetime access to stream the video recording. You can use that to review and practice at later time as well.

How can I register? What happens once I make the payment?

Click on the “Buy Now” link displaying at the bottom of the page. It will take you to registration page where you can enter your credentials (Name, email, phone, address). The email you provide here will be where you will receive the invoice, the login details for the class etc.

You will receive a payment successful email with receipt from Razorpay (our payment platform). Post successful payment, you will receive an email with enrolment and login details to the online meeting and class. Please login and check your access immediately and reach out to us for any issues.

Additionally we hope the phone number you will be using during payments is also enabled for WhatsApp. Else do send us an email at post registration, with a phone number that has WhatsApp enabled on it. Kindly reference your name, Nadapatashala registration while sending us the email.

Few days before the live session, we will be sharing some preparatory exercises/lessons for the vidyarthis to review. We will post detailed information to registered participants on registered email and WhatsApp number provided to us during registration.

Can I cancel my registration at a later date? What are my options?

We strongly encourage you to not cancel your registration. But if there are unavoidable circumstances and you are unable to attend, please note you will have access to the classroom with preparatory lessons and recording of the live session as well.

But in case you still need to cancel your registration – Yes, cancellation is possible up to 48 hours before the class begins ( all times calculated in IST ). This is because we can at least use the spot for another waitlisted participant.

Please email us at with your registration details – (Name, Phone, Email Id, Transaction id etc.). Please mention “Cancellation – Nadapatashala” in subject of email, so we can quickly help process the same.

The fees minus tax(as applicable), transaction and or convenience charges will be refunded within 5-7 business days.
There are many who are waiting for this opportunity so we do not want that spot to be wasted. Please cancel only under unavoidable circumstances.

If I have any payment or access issues who should I contact?

Our payment platform provider is a secure robust platform, so we do not foresee any issues. Also if you still have questions, you can always reach us at or message us on WhatsApp at +91-8095687401

Question I have is not listed here. Any contact info?

Please email us at

or message us on WhatsApp at  +918095687401

This session on Sep 24,2023 is for advanced level learners. Vidyarthis (students) must be Carnatic instrument music learners for atleast 5+ years and should know more than 5 Varnams and 10-12 Krithis. They should be comfortable playing raagas like  – Naatai, Kambodi, Purvi Kalyani, Shankarabharanam, Bhairavi