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Are you ready to take your Carnatic violin skills to the next level ? Unlock the world of Carnatic violin with our immersive video lessons! Perfect for beginners and experts; offering a straightforward and exciting path to excellence. 

Here’s why you should choose our subscription plans:

  1. Expert Guidance: Learn from Vidwan Kumaresh R, the “Fiddling Monk,” through detailed video lessons capturing every nuance of the violin.
  2. Perfect for All Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we’ve got you covered with tailored feedback and personalized guidance.
  3. Your Learning, Your Way: Choose between individual course purchases or flexible subscription plans, making it convenient for you to progress at your pace.
  4. Connect with the Maestro: Get exclusive monthly live check-ins with the master himself, receiving direct guidance and motivation.
  5. Community Learning: Join our vibrant community for group practice sessions and learning from your peers.
  6. Continuous Progress: Move seamlessly from one course to the next, ensuring constant improvement under the expert’s watchful eye.
  7. Get Answers: Our FAQs section clarifies any questions you might have about our courses and subscription plans.

Choose from our three subscription plans given below, pay a monthly fee, and pick your course. It’s that easy!  Join “Bowing with Fiddlingmonk”

Basic Plan

  • Video Lessons: Engaging tutorials at your fingertips!
  • Assignment Submission: Practice makes perfect, we guide you every step
  • Personalized Feedback: Tailored tips for your musical growth
  • Monthly Webinars: Connect with fellow learners, expand your horizons
  • Certification: Shine bright with our awarded certificates!
  • Seamless Progression: Move forward effortlessly, module after module
  • Live Group Classes: Dive deeper in monthly interactive sessions - to clarify doubts from a specific lesson
  • Community Spaces: Engage in lively discussions, make friends, learn together!
  • * Lesson Grading: Get valuable feedback on your progress, 4 - 6 lessons assignment submission in a month
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Standard Plan

  • All things in Basic plan included and ...
  • *Lesson Grading: Get valuable feedback on your progress, shine brighter with 8 -10 lessons assignment submissions in a month
  • *Weekly Practice Rooms: Perfect your skills with peers in your module
  • * Personal Online Classes: Exclusive monthly one-on-one sessions with Senior Instructors for personalised guidance
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Premium Plan

  • All things in Standard plan included and ...
  • *Personal Online Classes: Exclusive monthly 2 one-on-one sessions with Maestro Vidwan Kumaresh R for personalised guidance
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    What is the subscription plan? Is this like regular one on one class with Vidwan Kumaresh R ( aka Fiddling Monk)?

    Subscription plans allow you an option to sign up for the various courses curated by Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk). Look up the various courses on offer here. The individual courses are pre-recorded video lessons. Detailed program/course curriculum are listed in each of the course landing pages.  For example – Talapravaham 1- Ata Talam course  detail page can be accessed by clicking the course name. You can choose to sign up for just individual course module and pay the 1 time course fee or you can sign up for these plans.

    These subscription plans allow you to start on a continuous musical journey by paying a monthly access fee.

    Advantages of these plans over a single course purchase

    • Pay a monthly fee vs a lumpsum amount.
    • Get access to group classes/one on one classes (online) with a senior instructor or Fiddling Monk based on your plan feature

    The description above, the plan comparisons, the individual course pages, other Faqs below should have given you a clear idea, but if you still have questions email us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com , or message us on WhatsApp at +918095687401

    Who should sign up for basic plan? What are the options to upgrade to another plan?

    Aspiring to master the Carnatic Violin under the guidance of Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk)?

    Basic plan is a great option to embark on this musical journey. You can use the first month to check if this plan and learning methodology works well for you. You always have the option to upgrade or downgrade based on your requirements.

    Access to lesson modules are the same across the plans. All students across all plans or purchasing individual course modules get access to same learning materials. The plans differ in certain features to enhance your learning like – weekly practice classroom sessions with peers , senior instructors present in practice classrooms to help clarify queries, access to one on one online class session via Google Meet/Zoom with a senior instructor of our school or from Fiddling Monk etc.

    How do we interact with Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk)? How are the lessons taught? How will this be interactive?

    Our online learning methodology is unique and interaction and feedback play a key role in your learning.  Lessons are pre recorded video lessons, meticulously composed and crafted, featuring multi-angle video recordings that intricately capture both right and left arm techniques. Students learn the material from video lessons and then submit a video recording of what they have learnt (assignment submissions). They will receive clear detailed video/audio/text feedback with precise instructions to help them refine/master your technique. Students can progress to next lesson once they receive feedback on their current submission.

    There will also be regular live Zoom/GoogleMeet  interactions with Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk). Depending on the subscription plans, you will also have access to monthly (one-on-one) online classes with a senior instructor or from Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk).

    Please look up the “General Portal – FAQ” section in FAQ page. Most of the answers you are looking for is answered there. Also if you still have questions email us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com , or message us on WhatsApp at +918095687401

    I am interested, but do not have a violin and not sure what to purchase ?

    Please look up the “Violin- FAQ” section in FAQ page. There is a detailed section on what violin to buy and where to procure the same

    Is there a course order ? Where can I learn about course plan and what course comes before or after?

    To understand the musical journey and know about the logical progression of courses, please look up Courses-FAQ section in this link.

    In case you are looking for lessons beyond what is listed currently, do reach out to us via email us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com , or message us on WhatsApp at +918095687401 to learn about other lessons/advanced guidance for stage performances. When sending us an email , do include details on your musical journey thus far, your ambitions/aspirations as well. Do share your email/contact information and convenient times so members from our school team can email/call you to help you further.

    Post completion of course, how long will l have access to videos for review and practice?

    Whether you chose the one time payment option ( like purchasing an individual course) or instalment option, post full payment, you will have complete access to all the lessons and will continue to have post course completion as well.

    Similarly when you access a course via our subscription plan, as long as your subscription payments are current you will continue to have access to current materials as well as unique features of each of the subscription plans.  Upon course completion you will continue to have access to completed course materials for lifetime, regardless of your subscription renewal status. If your subscription plan is not live or active, then you will lose access to one on one classes, live sessions, practice classrooms and newer modules/courses/unfinished courses 

    If I have any payment or access issues who should I contact?

    Our payment platform provider is a secure robust platform, so we do not foresee any issues, still look up the Payment- Faq page.

    Question I have is not listed here. Any contact info?

    Please look up the FAQ page.
    Also if you still have questions, you can always reach us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com

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