Music is by far the most energised and optimised form of expression . It is the perfect reflection of unity and diversity . As a practitioner and performer – one feels the unification of one with the sound – Unity As a listener , the experience leaves each one with a unique yet different experiences – but the music is the same . For some it is Bhakthi, for some it is Bliss, for some it is technical , for some it is Mathematical etc …(Diversity ) There has been many scientific studies which goes on to prove that listening to Music helps in the optimisation of the human possibilities .

A musical mind is what one must aspire to have . To be that , one need not be a practitioner of the art . Being musical is a step upwards of being spiritual. Musical mind comprises of these very key elements . Bhava – Emotion, Attitude etc Raga – Colour, Identity, Thoughts , Expressions etc Tala. – rhythm, discipline , structure , etc .

The key to success is to find a balance in these three . Emotions with the right form of expression with in a structure will help live a balanced, successful and fulfilling life in every way . Our land Bharatha – was and is named so because our ancestors perfected this art and many of us still do so . Let us all strive to find this Musical mind and live a life filled with happiness and joy .