Feeling elated and satisfied after the completion of my single – Flights of Anjaneya… A project close to my heart – the seed for which was sown many years ago.

I have been greatly inspired by great musicians. Many from our land and many from outside.

I have always wanted to bring out the optimized potential of my instrument.

Our musical system is the most contemporary of all musical systems giving us the freedom to explore the ragas and talas the way we want to. Instruments are the best vehicle for that and hence my inner core, always looking out for fresh pastures to experiment started working on this dream project.

My experiences with life, inputs from Gurus, interactions with legends, co artistes, traveling around the world, most importantly the spirit that is with in — all these made this effort possible…

I have named this “Flights of Anjaneya”

He is first among all the super humans that we come across in the modern world. To sing in praise of him is great as we get to understand the lyrics and can connect to his legend but on an instrument how do you celebrate him…

An attempt to encapsulate the energy and dynamism of this great avatar as a musical representation…

I have to immensely thank my friends Pramathkiran and Praveen D Rao in helping me arrange and record this musical offering. Their inputs and efforts in bringing this musical melody to life is something which cannot be measured by words.

Flights of Anjaneya – coming soon