ABHYASA – Chaturthi


Elevate your Indian Violin skills through a journey of strengthening and honing your techniques, through Maestro-curated exercises and melodies, seamlessly reaching the upper octave’s higher Shadjam (Sa) note.

Introduction to two new ragams; ‘Kalyani’ – a member of the family of Ragams, featuring Prathi Madhyamam and ragam ‘Keeravani’.

Click on “Know More” to view the introduction video from Vidwan Kumaresh (Fiddling Monk) which will give you a good idea about the course. A detailed curriculum of the course, FAQs and course highlights are available as well.

Note: Check FAQ for prerequisite requirements.




ABHYASA – Chaturthi

Elevate your Indian Violin skills through a journey of strengthening and honing your techniques, through Maestro-curated exercises and melodies, seamlessly reaching the upper octave’s higher Shadjam (Sa) note.


Introduction to two new ragams; ‘Kalyani’ – a member of the family of Ragams, featuring Prathi Madhyamam and ragam ‘Keeravani’. 


By the end of this course, you’ll master the art of playing musical notes on your instrument with unwavering confidence and impeccable clarity. 


Watch the introductory video by Vidwan Kumaresh (Fiddling Monk) below to grasp the magic! Explore our detailed curriculum, FAQs, and course highlights.
Your musical journey begins here!


Course Highlights

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Maestro-curated exercises to seamlessly reach the upper octave's higher Shadjam (Sa) note.
Discover A Prathi Madhyamam ragam ('Kalyani') and 'Keeravani' - ,expanding your repertoire with unique melodies
Master notes with confidence and clarity, ensuring a polished performance by course end
Sharpen skills with lesson-wise assignments
Assignments evaluated by experts for guidance
Complete in 8 weeks, dedicating 8-10 hours per week

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to ABHYASA- Chaturthi

  • How to navigate through this site

    • How to navigate this website
    • Apps to help tune your violin
    • Bluestacks and Shruti App
    • Interact ! - Submit videos for Feedback
    • How to upload a unlisted YouTube Video
    • Assignment Submission
  • Chapter #1 - Upper Octave Melody -Keeravani

    • Upper Octave Melody - Keeravani
    • Upper Octave Exercise- Keeravani
    • Assignment - Upper Octave Melody & Exercise- Keeravani
  • Chapter #2 - Upper Octave Melody -Kalyani

    • Upper Octave Melody - Kalyani
    • Upper Octave Exercise- Kalyani
    • Assignment - Upper Octave Melody & Exercise- Kalyani
  • Final Exam - ABHYASA Chaturthi

    • Chaturthi Practical Exam
  • Next Steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...


What is the prerequisite for enrolling in Abhyasa - Chaturthi?

You will need to complete Abhyasa-Thritheeya before enrolling in this course. Please look up Abhyasa-Thritheeya here. In case you are already learning/have learnt Indian Violin and feel you have knowledge of lessons covered in Abhyasa-Thritheeya, please reach out to bowingwithfm@gmail.com for completing the prerequisite requirements.

How do we interact with Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk)? How are the lessons taught? How will this be interactive?

Our online learning methodology is unique and interaction and feedback play a key role in your learning. Lessons are pre-recorded video lessons, meticulously composed and crafted,featuring multi-angle video recordings that intricately capture both right and left arm techniques. Students learn from the video lessons and then submit a video recording of what they have learnt(assignment submissions).  Students receive clear detailed video/audio/text feedback with precise instructions to help refine/master their technique. Students can progress to next lesson once they receive feedback on their current submission.

There will also be regular live zoom meeting interactions with Vidwan Kumaresh R (Fiddling Monk).

Please look up the “General Portal – FAQ” section in FAQ page. Most of the answers you are looking for is answered there. Also if you still have questions email us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com , or message us on WhatsApp at +918095687401

Is there a course order ? Where can I learn about course plan and what course comes before or after?

To understand the musical journey and know about the logical progression of courses, please look up Courses-FAQ section in this link

I am interested, but do not have a violin and not sure what to purchase ?

Please look up the “Violin- FAQ” section in FAQ page. There is a detailed section on what violin to buy and where to procure the same

What are the payment plans available? Is there an Instalment option?

We have multiple options to purchase the courses.
Option 1: One Time Payment plan – This opens all the lessons immediately. Purchase it directly on the website.

Option 2: Instalment Payment plan – In this option the course lessons open up corresponding to the monthly instalment payment. Email us to know about the instalment Payment options at bowingwithfm@gmail.com

Option 3: Subscription Payment Plan – In this option, students pay a monthly subscription fee and they start at the course level they need to and automatically progress to next course as and when they finish 1 course. Subscription plans give you access to continuous learning, lots of features like instructor guidance, practice classrooms etc, depending on plan you sign up for. For more details and features of the membership or subscription plans, kindly look up details  “Subscription Plans” or email us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com

These options are just to give flexibility of payment options to the student. The material and guidance received are the same in  across plans.

Post completion of course, how long will l have access to videos for review and practice?

Whether you chose the one time payment option or instalment option, post full payment, you will have complete access to all the lessons and will continue to have post course completion as well.

If you are on a subscription plan, as long as your subscription payments are current, you will continue to have access to current materials as well as unique features of each of the subscription plans. Upon course completion, you will continue to have access to completed course materials for lifetime regardless of your subscription renewal status!

If your subscription plan expires or is not live or active, then you will lose access to one on one classes, webinars, practice classrooms, newer modules/courses/unfinished courses.

If I have any payment or access issues who should I contact?

Our payment platform provider is a secure robust platform, so we do not foresee any issues, still look up the Payment- Faq page.

Question I have is not listed here. Any contact info?

Please look up the FAQ page.
Also if you still have questions, you can always reach us at bowingwithfm@gmail.com